Code of Virginia

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Chapter 22.
Liability Insurance Policies
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§ 38.2-2200
Required provisions as to insolvency or bankruptcy, and as to when action maintained against insurer
§ 38.2-2201
Provisions for payment of medical expense and loss of income benefits; assignment of certain benefits
§ 38.2-2202
Required notice of optional coverage available
§ 38.2-2203
Policy providing for reimbursement for services that may be performed by certain practitioners other than physicians
§ 38.2-2204
Liability insurance on motor vehicles, aircraft, and watercraft; standard provisions; "omnibus clause."
§ 38.2-2205
Liability insurance on motor vehicles; standard provisions; applicability of other valid and collectible insurance
§ 38.2-2205.1
Suspension of liability coverage at insured's request
§ 38.2-2206
Uninsured motorist insurance coverage
§ 38.2-2207
No policy to exclude coverage to employee
§ 38.2-2208
Notices of cancellation of or refusal to renew motor vehicle insurance policies
§ 38.2-2209
Motor vehicle liability medical benefit insurer not to retain right of subrogation to recover from third party
§ 38.2-2210
Warning concerning cancellation to appear on application for motor vehicle liability insurance; reason for cancellation or nonrenewal required on application
§ 38.2-2211
Motor vehicle liability insurer not to receive credit for other medical expense insurance
§ 38.2-2212
Grounds and procedure for cancellation of or refusal to renew motor vehicle insurance policies; review by Commissioner
§ 38.2-2212.1
Powers of Commission; replacement policies
§ 38.2-2213
Discrimination in issuance of motor vehicle insurance
§ 38.2-2213.1
Certain action prohibited when motor vehicle owner fails to allow access to recorded data from recording device
§ 38.2-2214
Statement defining rate classifications to be provided by insurer to insured
§ 38.2-2215
Failure to issue or failure to renew motor vehicle liability insurance on the basis of a motor vehicle's age prohibited
§ 38.2-2216
Medical benefit offset against liability or uninsured motorist coverage prohibited
§ 38.2-2217
Reduction in rates for certain persons who attend mature driver motor vehicle crash prevention courses and driver improvement clinics
§ 38.2-2217.1
Insurers required to renew motor vehicle liability coverage for vanpools; exceptions
§ 38.2-2218
Adoption of standard forms for motor vehicle insurance
§ 38.2-2219
Hearing on objections to the form
§ 38.2-2220
Use of form after adoption
§ 38.2-2221
Amendment of standard form
§ 38.2-2222
Withdrawal of form
§ 38.2-2223
Variations of, or additions to, form
§ 38.2-2224
Commission to establish guidelines for filing readable motor vehicle insurance policy forms
§ 38.2-2225
Sending copies of orders to companies affected
§ 38.2-2226
Insurer to give notice to claimant of intention to rely on certain defenses and of execution of nonwaiver of rights agreement
§ 38.2-2226.1
Insurer to give notice of settlement of claim
§ 38.2-2227
Aircraft liability policy not to deny coverage for violation of federal or civil regulations, etc.; permitted exclusions or conditions
§ 38.2-2228
§ 38.2-2228.2
Certain medical malpractice claims to be reported to the Commission
§ 38.2-2229
Claims-made liability insurance
§ 38.2-2230
Mandatory offer of rental reimbursement coverage
§ 38.2-2231
Physical damage arbitration between insurers; alternate forums
§ 38.2-2232
Liability insurance on private pleasure watercraft; optional coverage
§ 38.2-2233
Installment payments of motor vehicle insurance
§ 38.2-2234
Insurance credit score disclosure; use of credit information