Code of Virginia

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Chapter 3.
Provisions Relating to Insurance Policies and Contracts
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§ 38.2-300
Scope of chapter
§ 38.2-301
Insurable interest required; life, accident and sickness insurance
§ 38.2-302
Life, accident, and sickness insurance; application required
§ 38.2-303
Insurable interest required; property insurance
§ 38.2-304
Contracts of temporary insurance; duration; what deemed to include
§ 38.2-305
Contents of policies
§ 38.2-306
Additional contents
§ 38.2-307
Charter and bylaw provisions in policies
§ 38.2-308
Contingent liability provisions in policies issued by certain mutual insurers
§ 38.2-309
When answers or statements of applicant do not bar recovery on policy
§ 38.2-310
All fees, charges, etc., to be stated in policy
§ 38.2-311
Type size in which conditions and restrictions to be printed
§ 38.2-312
Provisions limiting jurisdiction, or requiring construction of contracts by law of other states, prohibited
§ 38.2-313
Where certain contracts deemed made
§ 38.2-314
Limitation of action and proof of loss
§ 38.2-315
Intervening breach
§ 38.2-316
Policy forms to be filed with Commission; notice of approval or disapproval; exceptions
§ 38.2-316.1
Premium rates
§ 38.2-317
Delivery and use of certain policies and endorsements
§ 38.2-318
Validity of noncomplying forms
§ 38.2-319
Validity of contracts in violation of law
§ 38.2-320
Insurer to furnish forms for proof of loss
§ 38.2-321
Payment discharges insurer
§ 38.2-322
Standardized claims forms
§ 38.2-323
§ 38.2-324
Disclosure of property damage information
§ 38.2-325
Electronic delivery
§ 38.2-326
Plan management functions