Code of Virginia

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Chapter 4.
Assessment for Administration of Insurance Laws and Declarations of Estimated Assessments by Insurers
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§ 38.2-400
Expense of administration of insurance laws borne by licensees; minimum contribution
§ 38.2-401
Fire Programs Fund
§ 38.2-401.1
Dam Safety, Flood Prevention and Protection Assistance Fund assessment
§ 38.2-402
§ 38.2-403
Assessment for expenses
§ 38.2-403.1
Omitted assessments
§ 38.2-404
Recovery of such assessments; revocation or suspension of license
§ 38.2-405
Application for correction of assessment
§ 38.2-406
Report of gross premium income
§ 38.2-407
§ 38.2-412
Companies going out of business
§ 38.2-413
Double assessment respecting same direct gross premium income negated
§ 38.2-414
Assessments to fund program to reduce losses from motor vehicle thefts
§ 38.2-415
Assessment to fund program to reduce losses from insurance fraud