Code of Virginia

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Chapter 46.
Title Insurance
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§ 38.2-4600
Class of insurance and insurance companies to which chapter applies
§ 38.2-4601
Title insurance company defined
§ 38.2-4601.1
Title insurance agency or agent defined
§ 38.2-4602
What laws applicable
§ 38.2-4603
What companies may transact title insurance
§ 38.2-4604
Investment in plant and equipment
§ 38.2-4605
Interim binders
§ 38.2-4606
Forms to be filed with Commission
§ 38.2-4607
Maximum risk
§ 38.2-4608
Title insurance rates
§ 38.2-4609
Loss or claim reserves
§ 38.2-4610
§ 38.2-4610.1
Unearned premium reserve
§ 38.2-4610.1:1
Unearned premium reserves of foreign title insurance companies
§ 38.2-4610.2
Loss reserves
§ 38.2-4611
§ 38.2-4613
Unearned premium reserve to be held and administered for benefit of policyholders
§ 38.2-4614
Prohibition against payment or receipt of title insurance kickbacks, rebates, commissions and other payments; penalty
§ 38.2-4615
Exchange of information
§ 38.2-4616
Notification to buyers of the availability of owner's title insurance