Code of Virginia

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Chapter 50.
Virginia Birth-Related Neurological Injury Compensation Act
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§ 38.2-5000
Short title
§ 38.2-5001
§ 38.2-5002
Virginia Birth-Related Neurological Injury Compensation Program; exclusive remedy; exception
§ 38.2-5002.1
Representation by Office of Attorney General; applicability of Public Procurement Act, Freedom of Information Act, and Administrative Process Act
§ 38.2-5002.2
Confidentiality of certain information; penalty
§ 38.2-5003
Virginia Workers' Compensation Commission authorized to hear and determine claims
§ 38.2-5004
Filing of claims; review by Board of Medicine; review by Department of Health; filing of responses; medical records
§ 38.2-5004.1
Notification of possible beneficiaries
§ 38.2-5005
Tolling of statute of limitations
§ 38.2-5006
Hearing; parties
§ 38.2-5007
Interrogatories and depositions
§ 38.2-5008
Determination of claims; presumption; finding of Virginia Workers' Compensation Commission binding on participants; medical advisory panel
§ 38.2-5008.1
Right to confront and cross-examine witnesses
§ 38.2-5009
Commission awards for birth-related neurological injuries; notice of award
§ 38.2-5009.1
Infants dying shortly after birth
§ 38.2-5010
Rehearing on Commission determination or award
§ 38.2-5011
Conclusiveness of determination or award; appeal
§ 38.2-5012
Enforcement, etc., of orders and awards
§ 38.2-5013
Limitation on claims
§ 38.2-5014
§ 38.2-5015
Birth-Related Neurological Injury Compensation Fund; assets of the Fund; audit
§ 38.2-5016
Board of directors; appointment; vacancies; term; list of Program claimants
§ 38.2-5016.1
Investment strategy advice; expected returns
§ 38.2-5017
Plan of operation
§ 38.2-5018
Assessments to be held in restricted cash account
§ 38.2-5019
§ 38.2-5020
§ 38.2-5020.1
Credits against malpractice insurance premiums
§ 38.2-5021
Actuarial investigation, valuations, gain/loss analysis; notice if assessments prove insufficient