Code of Virginia

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Chapter 1.
Department of Labor and Industry
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§ 40.1-1
Department continued; powers and duties generally; delegation of authority concerning occupational health
§ 40.1-2
§ 40.1-2.01
Certified mail; subsequent mail or notices may be sent by regular mail
§ 40.1-2.1
Application of title to Commonwealth and its agencies, etc.; safety and health program for public employees
§ 40.1-3
Title provides for safety, health and welfare of employees
§ 40.1-4
§ 40.1-4.1
Annual report
§ 40.1-5
Governor to appoint Commissioner of Labor and Industry
§ 40.1-6
Powers and duties of Commissioner
§ 40.1-7
Attorney for the Commonwealth to prosecute on request of Commissioner
§ 40.1-8
Other officers to furnish information; protected health information under certain circumstances
§ 40.1-9
How Department maintained
§ 40.1-10
Offenses in regard to examinations, inspections, etc.
§ 40.1-11
Using or revealing information gathered
§ 40.1-11.1
Employment of illegal immigrants
§ 40.1-11.2
Participation in E-Verify program
§ 40.1-11.3
Human trafficking hotline; posted notice required; civil penalty
§ 40.1-11.4
Seizure first aid posters