Code of Virginia

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Code of Virginia

Title 41.1. Land OfficeRead Title

§ 41.1-1
Librarian of Virginia in charge of Land Office
§ 41.1-2
Act changing name of Denny Martin taken as true; records, etc., of Northern Neck and other lands
§ 41.1-3
Grants of certain lands, etc., to be void; such lands, etc., under control of Governor
§ 41.1-4
§ 41.1-4.1
§ 41.1-5
Circuit courts authorized to dispose of waste and unappropriated lands
§ 41.1-6
Ratification of grants issued pursuant to § 41.1-3
§ 41.1-7
Copies of unsigned grants admissible in evidence; Commonwealth's right relinquished when certain taxes paid; correction of record
§ 41.1-8
When grant invalid; when Commonwealth's right relinquished to land settled on
§ 41.1-9
Lost records and papers in chains of title; bill in equity to establish ownership
§ 41.1-10
Same; order of court for survey
§ 41.1-11
Same; when and how testimony taken
§ 41.1-12
Same; ownership certified by court; order as to costs
§ 41.1-13
Bill in equity for repeal of grant
§ 41.1-14
Nature of proceedings for repeal of grant
§ 41.1-15
Recording decree of repeal
§ 41.1-16
Sale of wastelands; proceeding by citizen resident; motion and deposit for costs; parties; copy of plat
§ 41.1-17
Same; time and place of hearing
§ 41.1-18
Same; subsequent proceedings; disposition of proceeds of sale
§ 41.1-19
Same; proceedings by governing body of county or city
§ 41.1-20
Same; sale extinguishes title and interest of Commonwealth