Code of Virginia

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Chapter 13. Mineral Mining Retaining Dams; Adjacent OwnersRead Chapter

  • Article 1. Mineral Mining Retaining Dams and Refuse PilesRead all
  • § 45.2-1300
    (Effective October 1, 2021) Definitions
    § 45.2-1301
    (Effective October 1, 2021) Dams and mine refuse piles; construction
    § 45.2-1302
    (Effective October 1, 2021) Examination of dams and mine refuse piles; potentially hazardous conditions; plans to be submitted by licensed operators
  • Article 2. Rights of Owners of Land Adjacent to Mineral MinesRead all
  • § 45.2-1303
    (Effective October 1, 2021) Consent required before working mine near land of another
    § 45.2-1304
    (Effective October 1, 2021) Adjacent owner to be permitted to survey mine; proceedings to compel entry for survey