Code of Virginia

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Chapter 12.
Permits for Certain Mining Operations; Reclamation of Land
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  • Article 2.
    Regulation of Mining Activity
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  • § 45.2-1204
    Permit Fee Fund
    § 45.2-1205
    Permit required; fee; renewal fee; application; furnishing copy of map, etc., to landowner; approval by Department
    § 45.2-1206
    Operations plan; reclamation; policy of Director
    § 45.2-1207
    Special Reclamation Fund
    § 45.2-1208
    Bond of operator
    § 45.2-1209
    Review of operations plan and reclamation provision by Director; issuance of permit
    § 45.2-1210
    Application for permit; adjoining landowners; local official
    § 45.2-1211
    Succession of one operator by another at uncompleted project
    § 45.2-1212
    Additional bond to be posted annually; release of previous bond; report of reclamation work
    § 45.2-1213
    Notice of noncompliance served on operator
    § 45.2-1214
    Collection of debts
    § 45.2-1215
    Commonwealth to have lien for reclamation work
    § 45.2-1216
    Perfection of lien; waiver of lien
    § 45.2-1217
    Recordation and indexing of lien; notice
    § 45.2-1218
    Priority of lien
    § 45.2-1219
    Hearing to determine amount of lien
    § 45.2-1220
    Satisfaction of lien
    § 45.2-1221
    Additional bond to cover amended estimate of land to be disturbed
    § 45.2-1222
    Interference with reclamation unlawful; other mining operations on land
    § 45.2-1223
    Penalty for violation of chapter, etc.
    § 45.2-1224
    Assistance of federal, state, and local agencies
    § 45.2-1225
    Injunction prohibiting mining operation
    § 45.2-1226
    Appeals from decisions of the Department
    § 45.2-1227
    Local standards and regulations; waiver of application of chapter; review for strict compliance with chapter