Code of Virginia

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Chapter 16.
Virginia Gas and Oil Act
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  • Article 2.
    Gas and Oil Conservation
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  • § 45.2-1613
    Meetings of the Board; notice; general powers and duties
    § 45.2-1614
    Additional duties and responsibilities of the Board
    § 45.2-1615
    Applicability and construction
    § 45.2-1616
    Statewide spacing of wells
    § 45.2-1617
    Voluntary pooling of interests in drilling units; validity of unit agreements
    § 45.2-1618
    Notice of hearing; standing; form of hearing
    § 45.2-1619
    Field rules and drilling units for wells; hearings and orders
    § 45.2-1620
    Pooling of interests in drilling units
    § 45.2-1621
    Coalbed methane gas; ownership
    § 45.2-1622
    Pooling of interests for coalbed methane gas wells; conflicting claims to ownership
    § 45.2-1623
    Conflicting claims of ownership; arbitration
    § 45.2-1624
    Release of funds held in escrow or suspense because of conflicting claims to coalbed methane gas
    § 45.2-1625
    Appeals of the Director's decisions; notices; hearings and orders
    § 45.2-1626
    § 45.2-1627
    Standing when Director or Board fails to act
    § 45.2-1628
    Recording of orders
  • Article 3.
    Regulation of Gas and Oil Development and Production
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  • § 45.2-1629
    Duties, responsibilities, and authority of the Director
    § 45.2-1630
    Powers, duties, and responsibilities of the Inspector
    § 45.2-1631
    Permit required; gas, oil, or geophysical operations; coalbed methane gas wells; environmental assessment
    § 45.2-1632
    Notice of permit applications and permit modification applications required; content
    § 45.2-1633
    Bonding and financial security required
    § 45.2-1634
    Gas and Oil Plugging and Restoration Fund
    § 45.2-1635
    Expiration of permits
    § 45.2-1636
    Abandonment or cessation of well or corehole operation; plugging required
    § 45.2-1637
    Objections to permits; hearing
    § 45.2-1638
    Appeals of Director's decisions to the Board
    § 45.2-1639
    Persons required to register; designated agents
    § 45.2-1640
    Report of permitted activities and production required; contents
    § 45.2-1641
    Developing a gas or oil well as a water well
    § 45.2-1642
    Orphaned Well Fund; orphaned wells
    § 45.2-1643
    Interference by injection wells with groundwater supply
    § 45.2-1644
    Safety in coalbed methane gas, oil, and geophysical operations
  • Article 4.
    Drilling for Gas or Oil in the Chesapeake Bay or Tidewater Virginia; Hydraulic Fracturing
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  • § 45.2-1645
    Chesapeake Bay; drilling for gas or oil prohibited
    § 45.2-1646
    Tidewater Virginia; drilling for gas or oil prohibited in certain areas
    § 45.2-1647
    Hydraulic fracturing; groundwater management area