Code of Virginia

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Chapter 6.
Coal Mining Property, Interests, Adjacent Owners, and Dams
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  • Article 1.
    Rights of Owners of Land Adjacent to Coal Mines
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  • § 45.2-600
    Consent required before working mine near land of another
    § 45.2-601
    Adjacent owner to be permitted to survey mine; proceedings to compel entry for survey
  • Article 2.
    Trusts for Coal Interests
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  • § 45.2-602
    Petition to establish a trust for missing coal owners
    § 45.2-603
    Advertisement upon filing of petition
    § 45.2-604
    Court may declare trust; trustee sale of lease
    § 45.2-605
    Duty of trustee; sale of lease; distribution of funds
    § 45.2-606
    Payment of attorney fees, expenses, and court costs
    § 45.2-607
    Production of coal by majority interest owner; petition to establish trust for known coal owners
  • Article 3.
    Emergency Seizure of Coal Property by the Commonwealth
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  • § 45.2-608
    "Public uses" defined; mining, etc., of coal essential business; subject to seizure by Commonwealth
    § 45.2-609
    Interruption of public uses; proclamation of emergency; seizure
    § 45.2-610
    Additional powers of Governor to operate seized properties
    § 45.2-611
    Virginia Fuel Commission; purpose; membership; compensation; staff; powers and duties; report
    § 45.2-612
    Negotiating purchase or lease of coal properties
    § 45.2-613
    Proceedings for condemnation
    § 45.2-614
    Expense of acquiring and operating coal property; funds derived from operation
    § 45.2-615
    Restoration of property to owner or operator
    § 45.2-616
    Article subject to provisions of general law
  • Article 4.
    Coal Mine Refuse Impoundments and Retaining Dams
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  • § 45.2-617
    § 45.2-618
    Design and construction of retaining dam or mine refuse impoundment; designs and other data to be submitted to Chief
    § 45.2-619
    Examination of retaining dam or mine refuse impoundment; potentially hazardous condition; plans to be submitted by operators
    § 45.2-620
    Emergency notification and evacuation plan