Code of Virginia

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Chapter 5.
Coal Mine Safety Act
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  • Article 2.
    Chief of the Division of Mines of the Department and Mine Inspectors
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  • § 45.2-508
    Appointment of Chief
    § 45.2-509
    Qualification of Chief
    § 45.2-510
    Affiliations of Department personnel with labor union, coal company, etc.; interest in coal mine; inspections of mines where inspector previously employed
    § 45.2-511
    Appointment and general qualifications of mine inspectors
    § 45.2-512
    Qualifications of coal mine inspectors
    § 45.2-513
    Duties of the Chief; penalty
    § 45.2-514
    Technical specialists
  • Article 4.
    Licensing for Operation of Coal Mines
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  • § 45.2-535
    License required for operation of a coal mine; term
    § 45.2-536
    Coal Mine Operator License Fund
    § 45.2-537
    Application for license for the operation of a coal mine
    § 45.2-538
    Denial or revocation of license for the operation of a coal mine
    § 45.2-539
    Operating without license; penalty
    § 45.2-540
    Annual reports; condition to issuance of license following transfer of ownership
    § 45.2-541
    Discontinuance of the working of a mine; notices to Department; resumption of mining following discontinuance
    § 45.2-542
    Maps of mines required to be made; contents; extension and preservation; use by Department; release; posting of map
    § 45.2-543
    When the Chief may cause maps to be made; payment by operator
    § 45.2-544
    Making false statements; penalty
  • Article 6.
    Mine Explosions; Mine Fires; Accidents
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  • § 45.2-555
    Reports of explosions and mine fires; procedure
    § 45.2-556
    Operators' reports of accidents; investigations; reports by Department
    § 45.2-557
    Reports of other accidents and injuries
    § 45.2-558
    Duties of mine inspectors
  • Article 9.
    Virginia Coal Mine Safety Board
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  • § 45.2-576
    Virginia Coal Mine Safety Board; purpose
    § 45.2-577
    Membership; terms; compensation; quorum; meetings
    § 45.2-578
    Powers and duties of the Virginia Coal Mine Safety Board