Code of Virginia

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Chapter 17.
Driver Training Schools
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  • Article 1.
    Driver Training Schools, Generally
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  • § 46.2-1700
    (Effective February 7, 2022) Definitions
    § 46.2-1701
    Licenses required for school and instructor; fees
    § 46.2-1701.1
    Bond of applicants
    § 46.2-1701.2
    Schools required to have established places of business
    § 46.2-1701.3
    Student records to be maintained
    § 46.2-1701.4
    Reports and records of licensed computer-based driver education providers
    § 46.2-1702
    Certification of driver education courses by Commissioner
    § 46.2-1703
    Authority to promulgate regulations
    § 46.2-1704
    Action on applications; hearing on denial
    § 46.2-1705
    Suspension, revocation, cancellation or refusal to renew license; limitations on operations; imposition of monetary penalties
    § 46.2-1706
    Civil penalties
    § 46.2-1707
    Unlawful acts; prosecution; proceedings in equity
  • Article 2.
    Entry-Level Driver Training Providers
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  • § 46.2-1708
    (Effective February 7, 2022) Licenses required for school and instructors
    § 46.2-1709
    Business and equipment requirements
    § 46.2-1710
    Records to be maintained
    § 46.2-1711
    Government entities authorized to provide entry-level driver training