Code of Virginia

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Chapter 2.
Department of Motor Vehicles
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  • Article 1.
    Powers and Duties of Department, Generally
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  • § 46.2-200
    Department of Motor Vehicles
    § 46.2-201
    Appointment of Commissioner; term; vacancies
    § 46.2-202
    Oath and bond; salary
    § 46.2-203
    Regulations; violation; forms for applications, certificates, licenses, etc.
    § 46.2-203.1
    Provision of updated addresses by persons completing forms; acknowledgment of future receipt of official notices
    § 46.2-203.2
    Emergency contact information program
    § 46.2-204
    Medical Advisory Board
    § 46.2-205
    Department offices and agencies; agreements with dealers
    § 46.2-205.1
    § 46.2-205.2
    Agreements with other agencies or contractors for other agencies; collection of fees
    § 46.2-206
    Disposition of fees
    § 46.2-206.1
    § 46.2-207
    Uncollected checks and electronic payments tendered for license fees or taxes; penalty
    § 46.2-208
    Records of Department; when open for inspection; release of privileged information
    § 46.2-208.1
    Electronic transfer of information in Department records for voter registration purposes
    § 46.2-208.2
    § 46.2-208.3
    Notice by Department
    § 46.2-209
    Release of information in Department records for motor vehicle research purposes
    § 46.2-209.1
    Release of vehicle information by Department to prospective vehicle purchasers
    § 46.2-210
    List of registrations and titles
    § 46.2-211
    Commissioner to advise local commissioners of revenue of situs of certain vehicles
    § 46.2-212
    Notice given for records supplied
    § 46.2-212.1
    Payments by payment devices
    § 46.2-212.2
    Automatic payments
    § 46.2-213
    § 46.2-214
    Charges for information supplied by Department
    § 46.2-214.1
    Additional charge for information supplied by Department
    § 46.2-214.2
    Waiver of certain fees by Department
    § 46.2-214.3
    Discount for multiyear registration
    § 46.2-214.4
    Discount for online transactions
    § 46.2-215
    Certification of certain records and admissibility in evidence
    § 46.2-216
    Destruction of records
    § 46.2-216.1
    Electronic filings or submissions to Department; provision of electronic documents by Department
    § 46.2-216.2
    § 46.2-216.3
    § 46.2-216.4
    Department to provide self-service options to customers
    § 46.2-216.5
    Partnership of Department and the Library of Virginia to promote use of public library Internet access terminals to complete on-line transactions with the Department
    § 46.2-217
    Enforcement of laws by Commissioner; authority of officers
    § 46.2-218
    Fees not allowed law-enforcement officers
    § 46.2-219
    Bonds of Commissioner, Deputy Commissioners, assistants, administrators, and law-enforcement officers; liability insurance policies
    § 46.2-220
    Special counsel for defense of law-enforcement officers
    § 46.2-221
    Certain state agencies to report to Department concerning the blind and nearly blind; use of such information by Department; Department to report names of persons refused licenses for defective vision; reports to law-enforcement agencies concerning certain blind or vision impaired individuals who operate motor vehicles
    § 46.2-221.1
    Registration with Selective Service required for issuance of learner's permits, driver's licenses, commercial driver's licenses, and special identification cards to certain applicants
    § 46.2-221.2
    Extension of expiration of driver's licenses issued to certain persons in service to the United States government or for good cause shown
    § 46.2-221.3
    Grace period for business credentialing for armed forces personnel returning from duty outside the United States
    § 46.2-221.4
    Grace period for replacement of license plates or decals and registrations for certain persons in service to the United States government
    § 46.2-221.5
    Information on veterans services provided
  • Article 2.
    Powers and Duties of Department Related to Transportation Safety
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  • § 46.2-222
    General powers of Commissioner with respect to transportation safety
    § 46.2-223
    Additional powers and duties of Commissioner
    § 46.2-223.1
    Collection and reporting of data related to driving under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or a combination thereof
    § 46.2-224