Code of Virginia

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Code of Virginia
Title 46.2. Motor Vehicles
Chapter 20. Regulation of Passenger Carriers

§ 46.2-2011.15. Department may seek judgment for refunds due public and collect and distribute same.

If any motor carrier or broker, upon the final decision of an appeal from the action of the Department prescribing rates, charges, tariffs, or classification of traffic, confirming or modifying the action of the Department, fails to refund in the manner and within the time prescribed in the notice of the Department all amounts that the appealing carrier or broker may have collected, pending the appeal, in excess of that authorized by such final decision, upon notice to such carrier or broker by the Department of such final decision, then the Department, after thirty days' notice to any such carrier or broker, may, unless the amount required by such final decision is paid to the Department, seek judgment in the name of the Commonwealth, for the use of the persons, firms and corporations entitled to the same, against any such carrier or broker for the aggregate amount of such collections and for costs, and may enforce the amount of such judgment and costs by process of execution, as provided by law. The Department shall, upon the collection of such judgment, forthwith distribute the amount thereof among the parties entitled thereto, respectively, in such manner as it may by its rules or regulations prescribe, and shall, upon the payment or collection of any such judgment, mark the same satisfied upon its records, and have the same entered satisfied on the judgment lien docket of the court where the same may have been docketed; the satisfaction of any such judgment shall be a bar to any further action or recovery against any such carrier or broker to the extent of such recovery.

2001, c. 596; 2002, c. 861.

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