Code of Virginia

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Chapter 20.
Regulation of Passenger Carriers
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  • Article 2.
    Insurance Requirements
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  • § 46.2-2051
    Application of article
    § 46.2-2052
    Bonds or insurance to be kept in force; amounts
    § 46.2-2053
    Surety bonds, insurance, letter of credit, or securities required prior to issuance of registration; amounts
    § 46.2-2054
    Policies or surety bonds to be filed with the Department and securities with State Treasurer
    § 46.2-2055
    Condition or obligation of security
    § 46.2-2056
    Effect of unfair claims settlement practices on self-insured motor carriers
    § 46.2-2057
    (Effective until July 1, 2023) Taxicab insurance required
    § 46.2-2057
    (Effective July 1, 2023) Taxicab insurance required
    § 46.2-2058
    When taxicab operator a self-insurer
  • Article 15.
    Transportation Network Companies
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  • § 46.2-2099.45
    Certificates required unless exempted
    § 46.2-2099.46
    Control, supervision, and regulation by Department
    § 46.2-2099.47
    Operation except in accordance with chapter prohibited
    § 46.2-2099.48
    General operational requirements for transportation network companies and TNC partner
    § 46.2-2099.49
    Requirements for TNC partners; mandatory background screening; drug and alcohol policy; mandatory disclosures to TNC partners; duty of TNC partners to provide updated information to transportation network companies
    § 46.2-2099.50
    Requirements for TNC partner vehicles; trade dress issued by transportation network company
    § 46.2-2099.51
    TNC insurance until January 1, 2016
    § 46.2-2099.52
    TNC insurance
    § 46.2-2099.53
    Recordkeeping and reporting requirements for transportation network companies