Code of Virginia

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Chapter 5.
Group Insurance Program
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§ 51.1-500
§ 51.1-501
Board authorized to purchase group life and accident insurance policies
§ 51.1-502
Eligible employees and officers
§ 51.1-502.1
Certain employees of teaching hospitals
§ 51.1-502.2
§ 51.1-502.3
Certain employees of the Virginia Port Authority
§ 51.1-503
Limitation on coverage
§ 51.1-504
Election of political subdivision to participate; approval by Board
§ 51.1-505
Amounts of life and accident insurance for each employee; reduction and termination of insurance
§ 51.1-505.01
Additional accidental death and dismemberment benefits
§ 51.1-506
Employee contributions; payroll deductions; effect of failure to deduct
§ 51.1-507
Notice of desire not to be insured
§ 51.1-508
Employer contributions
§ 51.1-509
Keeping records and furnishing information required by Board
§ 51.1-510
Insurance exempt from process
§ 51.1-511
Persons entitled to payment of insurance on employee's death
§ 51.1-512
Optional life insurance
§ 51.1-512.1
Optional life insurance for the spouse and minor dependents of employees
§ 51.1-513
§ 51.1-513.1
Long-term care insurance
§ 51.1-513.2
Long-term care coverage program
§ 51.1-513.3
Long-term care insurance program for employees of local governments, local officers, and teachers
§ 51.1-513.4
Trust fund for long-term care programs
§ 51.1-514
Policies to provide for accounting to Board; advance premium deposit reserve