Code of Virginia

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Chapter 23.3.
Common Interest Communities
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  • Article 1.
    Common Interest Community Board
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  • § 54.1-2345
    § 54.1-2345.1
    Certain real estate arrangements and covenants not deemed to constitute a common interest community
    § 54.1-2346
    License required; certification of employees; renewal; provisional license
    § 54.1-2347
    Exceptions and exemptions generally
    § 54.1-2348
    Common Interest Community Board; membership; meetings; quorum
    § 54.1-2349
    Powers and duties of the Board
    § 54.1-2350
    Annual report; form to accompany resale certificates
    § 54.1-2351
    General powers and duties of Board concerning associations
    § 54.1-2352
    Cease and desist orders
    § 54.1-2353
    Protection of the interests of associations; appointment of receiver for common interest community manager
    § 54.1-2354
    Variation by agreement
  • Article 2.
    Common Interest Community Management Information Fund; Common Interest Community Ombudsman; Common Interest Community Management Recovery Fund
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  • § 54.1-2354.1
    § 54.1-2354.2
    Common Interest Community Management Information Fund
    § 54.1-2354.3
    Common Interest Community Ombudsman; appointment; powers and duties
    § 54.1-2354.4
    Association complaint procedures; final adverse decisions
    § 54.1-2354.5
    Common Interest Community Management Recovery Fund