Code of Virginia

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Chapter 1.
General Provisions
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  • Article 1.
    In General
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  • § 56-1
    § 56-1.1
    Designation as public service corporation
    § 56-1.2
    Persons, localities, and school boards not designated as public utility, public service corporation, etc.
    § 56-1.2:1
    Retail sale of electricity in connection with the provision of electric vehicle charging service
    § 56-1.3
    Regulation of Voice-over-Internet protocol service
    § 56-2
    Public service corporations, etc., governed by provisions of this title
    § 56-3
    Expenses prior to organization
    § 56-4
    § 56-5
    Triple damages for injury to property of public service corporation
    § 56-5.1
    § 56-6
    Remedies of persons aggrieved by public service corporation's violation of law
    § 56-7
    Common law, etc., remedies not altered or abridged
    § 56-8
    Repeal of charter
    § 56-8.1
    Free services to members of General Assembly and others prohibited
    § 56-8.2
    Appeals in rate cases
  • Article 2.
    Foreclosure Sales and Dissolution
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  • § 56-9
    Sale of public service corporation under deed of trust; how purchaser may form new corporation
    § 56-10
    Effect of such sale; date for meeting of stockholders
    § 56-11
    Debts and claims against corporation so sold
    § 56-12
    Works and property sold under court decree subject to provisions of three preceding sections
    § 56-13
    Effect of dissolution of public service corporation
  • Article 3.
    Occupation of Streets and Roads
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  • § 56-14
    Streets, etc., of city or town not to be occupied without its consent; compensation
    § 56-15
    Permits to place poles, wires, etc., in roads and streets in certain counties; charge therefor
  • Article 4.
    Crossings and Connections
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  • § 56-16
    Wagonways to be constructed across roads, railroads, canals, and other works; enforcement
    § 56-16.1
    Telephone, telegraph or electric power lines crossing railroads
    § 56-16.2
    Public utility lines crossing railroads
    § 56-16.3
    Fiber optic broadband lines crossing railroads
    § 56-17
    Right of one public service corporation to cross the works of another; cost
    § 56-18
    Submission of plans for such crossing
    § 56-19
    Contest by company whose works are crossed
    § 56-20
    Payment for damage occasioned by crossing works of public service corporations
    § 56-21
    When work on crossing works of public service corporation to proceed; no injunction to be awarded
    § 56-22
    Change of course of railroad, etc., to avoid crossings
    § 56-23
    Crossing of highway by public service corporation
    § 56-24
    Effect of crossing on highway
    § 56-25
    Manner of construction of crossing
    § 56-26
    Cost of crossing
    § 56-27
    Applications required for crossings
    § 56-28
    Contest by county or Commissioner of Highways
    § 56-29
    Change of course of highway to avoid crossings
    § 56-30
    Payment of damages occasioned by crossing highway
    § 56-31
    When work of crossing highway to proceed
    § 56-32
    Limitation on crossing rights if altering, closing or obstructing highway or stream involved
    § 56-33
    Duty of corporation whose wires cross other works
    § 56-34
    General Assembly may require connections between public service corporations
  • Article 5.
    Rates, Records, Reports, Etc.
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  • § 56-35
    Regulation of public service companies
    § 56-36
    Inspection of books and documents; special reports; rules and regulations to prevent unjust discrimination
    § 56-37
    Regulation of services performed under municipal or county franchise
    § 56-38
    Adjustment of claims and controversies
    § 56-39
    § 56-40
    Reduction of rates and charges
    § 56-41
    § 56-41.1
    Rates and charges for use of poles by telephone cooperatives, mutual telephone associations and small investor-owned telephone utilities
    § 56-42
    § 56-43
    Examination of public service company; notice; fines and penalties
  • Article 6.
    Companies in Which Commonwealth Is Interested
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  • § 56-44
    § 56-46.1
    Commission to consider environmental, economic and improvements in service reliability factors in approving construction of electrical utility facilities; approval required for construction of certain electrical transmission lines; notice and hearings
    § 56-46.2
    Construction of electrical transmission lines
    § 56-46.3
    Foreign utility companies; penalties