Code of Virginia

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Chapter 3.
Issuance of Stocks, Bonds, Etc.
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§ 56-55
§ 56-56
Issue of securities a special privilege subject to regulation
§ 56-57
Securities to which chapter is applicable
§ 56-58
Purposes for which stock, etc., may issue
§ 56-59
Order required before acting as surety, guarantor, etc.
§ 56-60
Application for order authorizing issuance of securities or assumption of liabilities
§ 56-61
Action of Commission on such application
§ 56-62
Joint action with commission of another state
§ 56-63
Appeal from decision of Commission on issuance of securities
§ 56-64
§ 56-65
Exceptions as to issue of stock, etc., in treasury, etc.
§ 56-65.1
Short-term indebtedness
§ 56-65.2
§ 56-66
No authority to capitalize permit, franchise or contract for consolidation
§ 56-67
Issuance of securities or assumption of liability void if order not obtained
§ 56-67.1
Validity of authorized securities
§ 56-68
No licensed salesman required when securities approved under this chapter
§ 56-69
Purposes to which proceeds of security issues may be applied
§ 56-70
Accounting for disposition of proceeds of issue of securities
§ 56-71
Violations of provisions of chapter; penalty
§ 56-72
Acts of officers, etc., bind company
§ 56-73
Penalty as to officers, etc., for violation of provisions of chapter
§ 56-74
State not obligated to pay or guarantee
§ 56-75
Fees in connection with applications for authority to issue securities