Code of Virginia

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Chapter 36. Tax Exempt PropertyRead Chapter

  • Article 2. Property Exempted by Classification or DesignationRead all
  • § 58.1-3606
    Property exempt from taxation by classification
    § 58.1-3606.1
    Property indirectly owned by government
    § 58.1-3607
    Property exempt from taxation by designation
    § 58.1-3608
    Exempt organization's use of property owned by another
  • Article 3. Property Exempted by Classification on and After July 1, 1971Read all
  • § 58.1-3609
    Post-1971 property exempt from taxation by classification
    § 58.1-3610
    Volunteer fire departments and volunteer emergency medical services agencies
    § 58.1-3611
    Certain boys and girls clubs
    § 58.1-3612
    Auxiliaries of the Veterans of World War I
    § 58.1-3613
    Societies for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
    § 58.1-3614
    Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts of America
    § 58.1-3615
    Home Demonstration Clubs, 4-H Clubs and Future Farmers of America, Inc
    § 58.1-3616
    American National Red Cross
    § 58.1-3617
    Churches and religious bodies
    § 58.1-3618
    College alumni associations and foundations
    § 58.1-3619
    The State Future Farmers of America, Future Homemakers of America and Future Business Leaders of America
    § 58.1-3620
    Properties inundated by water
    § 58.1-3621
    Farm club associations
    § 58.1-3622
    Habitat for Humanity and local affiliates or subsidiaries thereof
  • Article 4.1. Property Exempted by Local Classification or Designation on or After January 1, 2003Read all
  • § 58.1-3651
    Property exempt from taxation by classification or designation by ordinance adopted by local governing body on or after January 1, 2003
    § 58.1-3652
    Exempt organization's use of property owned by another
  • Article 5. Other Exempt PropertyRead all
  • § 58.1-3660
    Certified pollution control equipment and facilities
    § 58.1-3660.1
    Certified stormwater management developments and property
    § 58.1-3661
    Certified solar energy equipment, facilities, or devices and certified recycling equipment, facilities, or devices
    § 58.1-3662
    Generating and cogenerating equipment used for energy conversion
    § 58.1-3663
    Partial taxation by one political subdivision of utility property owned by another
    § 58.1-3664
    Environmental restoration sites
    § 58.1-3665
    Partial exemption for erosion control improvements
    § 58.1-3666
    Wetlands and riparian buffers; living shorelines
    § 58.1-3667
    Effective date of property tax exemption for certified property