Code of Virginia

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Chapter 2.2.
Virginia Petroleum Products Franchise Act
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§ 59.1-21.8
Short title
§ 59.1-21.9
Findings of General Assembly
§ 59.1-21.10
§ 59.1-21.11
Required provisions pertaining to agreements between refiners and dealers
§ 59.1-21.11:1
Waiver of constitutional rights prohibited
§ 59.1-21.12
Civil action for violation of chapter
§ 59.1-21.13
Obligation of refiner to repurchase upon termination, etc., of agreement
§ 59.1-21.14
Producer or refiner not to terminate, etc., agreement without notice and reasonable cause; nonrenewal by franchisor
§ 59.1-21.15
Disclosures to be made by refiner before conclusion of agreement
§ 59.1-21.15:1
Continued rights of dealers upon sale or assignment of franchise agreement
§ 59.1-21.15:2
Franchisor's obligation to offer leased marketing premises to occupying dealer
§ 59.1-21.16
Authority of Attorney General under § 59.1-68.2 not limited
§ 59.1-21.16:1
§ 59.1-21.16:2
Operation of retail outlet by refiner; apportionment of fuels during periods of shortage; rules and regulations
§ 59.1-21.17
Effective date of chapter
§ 59.1-21.18
§ 59.1-21.18:1