Code of Virginia

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Code of Virginia
Title 59.1. Trade and Commerce
Chapter 21. Business Opportunity Sales Act

§ 59.1-263. Definitions.

A. For purposes of this chapter, "business opportunity" means the sale of any products, equipment, supplies or services which are sold to a purchaser upon payment of an initial required consideration exceeding $500 for the purpose of enabling such purchaser to start a business, and in which the seller:

1. Represents that the seller will provide locations or assist the purchaser in finding locations for the use or operation of vending machines, racks, display cases or other similar devices, or currency-operated amusement machines or devices, on premises neither owned nor leased by the purchaser or seller; or

2. Represents that it will purchase any or all products made, produced, fabricated, grown, bred or modified by the purchaser using in whole or in part the supplies, services or chattels sold by the seller to the purchaser; or

3. Guarantees that the purchaser will derive income from the business opportunity which exceeds the price paid for the business opportunity, or that the seller will refund all or part of the price paid for the business opportunity, or repurchase any of the products, equipment, supplies or chattels supplied by the seller, if the purchaser is not satisfied with the business opportunity; or

4. Represents that the seller will provide a sales program or marketing program which will enable the purchaser to derive income from the business opportunity which exceeds the price paid for the business opportunity.

B. Exclusions. -- Such definition of "business opportunity" shall not include the following:

1. A security as defined by § 13.1-501; or

2. A franchise as defined in subsection A of § 13.1-559 or § 59.1-21.10; or

3. A license granted by a general merchandise retailer which allows the licensee to sell goods, equipment, supplies, products or services to the general public under the retailer's trademark, trade name or service mark, provided that such general merchandise retailer has been doing business in the Commonwealth continuously for five years prior to the granting of such license and such general merchandise retailer also sells the same goods, equipment, supplies, products or services directly to the general public; or

4. A newspaper distribution system; or

5. The sale of an on-going business. An "on-going business" as used herein is one which for at least twelve months previous to the sale: (i) has been operated from a specific location, (ii) has been open for business to the general public and (iii) has had all equipment and supplies necessary for operating the business located at such specific location; or

6. The sale of sales demonstration equipment and materials furnished at cost for use in making sales and not for resale; or

7. A contract or agreement by which a retailer of goods or services is granted the right to sell goods or services within, or appurtenant to, a retail business establishment as a department or division thereof.

1979, c. 523; 1985, c. 242.

The chapters of the acts of assembly referenced in the historical citation at the end of this section may not constitute a comprehensive list of such chapters and may exclude chapters whose provisions have expired.