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Chapter 42.1.
Uniform Electronic Transactions Act
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§ 59.1-479
§ 59.1-480
§ 59.1-481
§ 59.1-482
Prospective application
§ 59.1-483
Use of electronic records and electronic signatures; variation by agreement
§ 59.1-484
Construction and application
§ 59.1-485
Legal recognition of electronic records, electronic signatures, and electronic contracts
§ 59.1-486
Provision of information in writing; presentation of records
§ 59.1-487
Attribution and effect of electronic record and electronic signature
§ 59.1-488
Effect of change or error
§ 59.1-489
Notarization and acknowledgment
§ 59.1-490
Retention of electronic record
§ 59.1-491
Admissibility of evidence
§ 59.1-492
Automated transactions
§ 59.1-493
Time and place of sending and receipt
§ 59.1-494
Transferable records
§ 59.1-495
Creation and retention of electronic records and conversion of written records by public bodies of the Commonwealth
§ 59.1-496
Acceptance and distribution of electronic records by public bodies; electronic filing of information permitted
§ 59.1-497
§ 59.1-498