Code of Virginia

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Chapter 8.
Timber Brands
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§ 59.1-103
Persons engaged in lumbering or rafting on certain waters may adopt mark of designation
§ 59.1-104
§ 59.1-105
Certificate as evidence of right to use marks
§ 59.1-106
Sale of unclaimed timber, etc., found adrift; disposition of proceeds
§ 59.1-107
Fraudulent use of mark or claim of ownership; defacement of mark, etc.; destruction or conversion of timber, etc.
§ 59.1-108
Who are timber dealers
§ 59.1-109
Timber dealer may adopt brand or trademark; recordation
§ 59.1-110
Using recorded brand or trademark without authority
§ 59.1-111
Unauthorized use of dealer's branding iron, or defacing, etc., marks made by it
§ 59.1-112
Fraudulently impressing brand on timber
§ 59.1-113
Effect of impressing brand on tree, etc.
§ 59.1-114
Unlawful cutting down, possessing or converting branded timber
§ 59.1-115
Sheriff's sale of unbranded timber; recovery by owner; disposition of proceeds
§ 59.1-116