Code of Virginia

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Chapter 5.
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  • Article 1.
    Employer Taxation
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  • § 60.2-500
    Determination with respect to whether employing unit is employer; whether services constitute employment; or whether business transfer is illegal
    § 60.2-501
    Financing of benefits to employees of nonprofit organizations
    § 60.2-502
    Bonding of nonprofit organizations
    § 60.2-503
    Authority to terminate elections
    § 60.2-504
    Allocation of benefit costs
    § 60.2-505
    Group accounts
    § 60.2-506
    Financing of benefits to state employees
    § 60.2-507
    Financing of benefits to employees of governmental entities
    § 60.2-507.1
    Financing of benefits to employees of Indian tribes
    § 60.2-508
    Period of coverage generally; account required
    § 60.2-509
    Termination of coverage
    § 60.2-510
    Election as to coverage
  • Article 2.
    Employer Reporting Requirements
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  • § 60.2-511
    How and when taxes payable
    § 60.2-512
    Requiring payroll and tax reports and payment of taxes
    § 60.2-513
    Failure of employing unit to file reports; assessment and amount of penalty
    § 60.2-514
    Limitation on proceeding to establish liability for taxes
    § 60.2-515
    Amount of taxes; increase of rate
    § 60.2-516
    Taxes and payments in lieu of taxes not deducted from wages
    § 60.2-517
    How fractional part of cent computed
    § 60.2-518
    False statements, etc., by employing units; failure to furnish reports, etc.