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Chapter 25. Ground Water Management Act of 1992Read Chapter

§ 62.1-254
Findings and purpose
§ 62.1-255
§ 62.1-255.1
Certified mail; subsequent mail or notices may be sent by regular mail
§ 62.1-256
Duties of Board
§ 62.1-256.1
§ 62.1-256.2
(Expires July 1, 2025) Eastern Virginia Groundwater Management Advisory Committee established; sunset
§ 62.1-257
When Board may initiate a ground water management area study proceeding; hearing required
§ 62.1-258
Use of ground water in ground water management area; registration of well construction required
§ 62.1-258.1
Irrigation wells for nonagricultural use prohibited; exceptions
§ 62.1-259
Certain withdrawals; permit not required
§ 62.1-259.1
Certain withdrawals; technical evaluation required
§ 62.1-260
Permits for existing ground water withdrawals in existing ground water management areas
§ 62.1-261
Permits for existing ground water withdrawals in newly established ground water management areas
§ 62.1-262
Permits for other ground water withdrawals
§ 62.1-262.1
Permits for withdrawals from Eastern Shore Groundwater Management Area
§ 62.1-263
Criteria for issuance of permits
§ 62.1-264
Permits for public water supplies
§ 62.1-265
Drought relief wells
§ 62.1-266
Ground water withdrawal permits
§ 62.1-267
Issuance of special exceptions
§ 62.1-268
Issuance of special orders
§ 62.1-269
Enforcement by injunction, etc.
§ 62.1-270