Code of Virginia

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Code of Virginia
Title 62.1. Waters of the State, Ports and Harbors
Chapter 25. Ground Water Management Act of 1992

§ 62.1-268. Issuance of special orders.

A. The Board may issue special orders (i) requiring any person who has violated the terms and provisions of a ground water withdrawal permit issued by the Board to comply with such terms and provisions; (ii) requiring any person who has failed to comply with a directive from the Board to comply with such directive; or (iii) requiring any person who has failed to comply with the provisions of this chapter or any decision of the Board pertaining to ground water to comply with such provision or decision.

B. Such special orders are to be issued only after a hearing with at least thirty days' notice to the affected person of the time, place and purpose thereof, and they shall become effective not less than fifteen days after service by certified mail, sent to the last known address of such person, with the time limits counted from the date of such mailing; however, if the Board finds that any such person is grossly affecting or presents an imminent and substantial danger to (i) the public welfare, safety or health; (ii) a public water supply; or (iii) commercial, industrial, agricultural or other beneficial uses, it may issue, without advance notice or hearing, an emergency special order directing the person to cease such withdrawal immediately and shall provide an opportunity for a hearing, after reasonable notice as to the time and place thereof to the person, to affirm, modify, amend or cancel such emergency special order. If a person who has been issued such a special order or an emergency special order is not complying with the terms thereof, the Board may proceed in accordance with § 62.1-269, and where the order is based on a finding of an imminent and substantial danger, the court shall issue an injunction compelling compliance with the emergency special order pending a hearing by the Board. If an emergency special order requires cessation of a withdrawal, the Board shall provide an opportunity for a hearing within forty-eight hours of the issuance of the injunction.

C. The provisions of this section notwithstanding, the Board may proceed directly under § 62.1-270 for any past violation or violations of any provision of this chapter or any regulation duly promulgated hereunder.

D. With the consent of any person who has violated or failed, neglected or refused to obey any regulation or order of the Board pertaining to ground water, any condition of a ground water withdrawal permit or any provision of this chapter, the Board may provide, in an order issued by the Board against such person, for the payment of civil charges for past violations in specific sums not to exceed the limit specified in § 62.1-270. Such civil charges shall be instead of any appropriate civil penalty which could be imposed under subsection A of § 62.1-270 and shall not be subject to the provisions of § 2.2-514.

1992, c. 812.

The chapters of the acts of assembly referenced in the historical citation at the end of this section may not constitute a comprehensive list of such chapters and may exclude chapters whose provisions have expired.