Code of Virginia

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Chapter 9.
Mills, Dams and Certain Other Works on Watercourses
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§ 62.1-116
Application for leave to build or raise dam across or in watercourse, cut canal, etc.
§ 62.1-117
Notice required
§ 62.1-118
Appointment of commissioners; time of meeting
§ 62.1-119
Oath of commissioners; duties; report
§ 62.1-120
When further notice required
§ 62.1-121
When new commissioners appointed
§ 62.1-122
When court to refuse or grant leave; when granted, what terms imposed; rights of tenant on land crossed by canal
§ 62.1-123
Rights of applicant on payment of damages
§ 62.1-124
Such leave not to affect vested rights
§ 62.1-125
Time within which applicant must erect or rebuild works; consequence of failure
§ 62.1-126
Forfeiture by tenant of works damaged or destroyed, and unrestored; right of remainderman or reversioner
§ 62.1-127
Prosecution or action for unforeseen damages