Code of Virginia

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Chapter 5.
General Provisions
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§ 63.2-500
§ 63.2-501
Application for assistance
§ 63.2-501.1
Application for public assistance; accurate contact information; authorized disclosures
§ 63.2-502
False application or false swearing; penalty
§ 63.2-503
Procedure upon receipt of application
§ 63.2-503.1
Legal presence required for public assistance; exceptions; proof of legal presence
§ 63.2-504
Decision of local department that applicant entitled to public assistance
§ 63.2-505
Determining the amount of public assistance
§ 63.2-505.1
Transitional food stamp benefits
§ 63.2-505.2
Eligibility for food stamps; drug-related felonies
§ 63.2-506
Public assistance not transferable or subject to execution
§ 63.2-507
Personal representatives for recipients of public assistance funds
§ 63.2-508
Fees for representing applicant or recipient
§ 63.2-509
Public assistance subject to amendment or repeal of laws
§ 63.2-510
Obligation of person to support certain children living in same home; penalty
§ 63.2-511
§ 63.2-512
Recovery of public assistance erroneously paid
§ 63.2-513
Notification of change in circumstances
§ 63.2-514
Reconsideration or changes in amount of public assistance; cancellation
§ 63.2-515
Notice to applicant or recipient of decision
§ 63.2-516
Record of decision
§ 63.2-517
Right of appeal to Commissioner
§ 63.2-518
Action by Commissioner on appeal
§ 63.2-519
Finality of decision of Commissioner
§ 63.2-520
How public assistance paid
§ 63.2-521
Change of residence
§ 63.2-522
False statements, representations, impersonations and fraudulent devices; penalty
§ 63.2-523
Unauthorized use of food stamps, electronic benefit transfer cards, and energy assistance prohibited; penalties
§ 63.2-524
Denial of benefits upon finding of fraudulent acts
§ 63.2-525
Payment by Department for legal services
§ 63.2-526
Statewide fraud control program
§ 63.2-527
Notice of earned income tax credit