Code of Virginia

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Chapter 12.
Commissioners of Accounts
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§ 64.2-1200
Commissioners of accounts
§ 64.2-1201
Appointment of assistant commissioners of accounts; duties and powers
§ 64.2-1202
Appointment of deputy commissioners of accounts in certain cities and counties; duties and powers
§ 64.2-1203
Subpoena powers of commissioners of accounts, assistants, and deputies; penalty
§ 64.2-1204
Commissioners of accounts to examine and report on bonds and whether fiduciaries should be removed
§ 64.2-1205
Commissioners of accounts to inspect and file inventories with clerks
§ 64.2-1206
Settlement of fiduciaries' accounts
§ 64.2-1207
Settlement for year to include unsettled portion of preceding year
§ 64.2-1208
Expenses and commissions allowed fiduciaries
§ 64.2-1209
Who may insist or object before commissioner of accounts
§ 64.2-1210
Accounts and debts and demands to be reported
§ 64.2-1211
Where filed; notice to certain parties
§ 64.2-1212
Exceptions to report; examination, correction, and confirmation
§ 64.2-1213
Effect of confirmation of report
§ 64.2-1214
Recordation of report
§ 64.2-1215
Power of commissioner of accounts to enforce the filing of inventories
§ 64.2-1216
Failure to account; enforcement
§ 64.2-1217
Forfeiture of fiduciary's commission
§ 64.2-1218
When fiduciaries personally liable for costs
§ 64.2-1219
Fees of commissioners of accounts
§ 64.2-1220
Receipt for vouchers filed in settlement; effect thereof
§ 64.2-1221
Report on fiduciaries' bonds; "record of fiduciaries."
§ 64.2-1222
Commissioners of accounts to post list of fiduciaries whose accounts are before them for settlement