Code of Virginia

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Chapter 13.
Inventories and Accounts
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§ 64.2-1300
Inventories to be filed with commissioners of accounts
§ 64.2-1301
When inventory and settlement not required
§ 64.2-1302
Waiver of inventory and settlement for certain estates
§ 64.2-1303
Copies of inventories and accounts to be provided by personal representatives
§ 64.2-1304
Personal representatives
§ 64.2-1305
Conservators, guardians of minors' estates, committees, trustees under § 64.2-2016, and receivers
§ 64.2-1306
Testamentary trustees
§ 64.2-1307
Testamentary trustees under a will waiving accounts; waiver where beneficiary also trustee
§ 64.2-1308
Forms for inventories and accounts
§ 64.2-1309
Accounts of sales under deeds of trust
§ 64.2-1310
Recordation of inventories and accounts of sales
§ 64.2-1311
Vouchers and statement of assets on hand; direct payments to account; vouchers for IRS payments
§ 64.2-1312
Report to circuit court; death of fiduciary; fiduciary for recipient of federal benefits
§ 64.2-1313
Exhibition of accounts when sum does not exceed certain amount
§ 64.2-1314
Statement in lieu of settlement of accounts by personal representatives in certain circumstances
§ 64.2-1315
Certification and recording of accounts settled in a judicial proceeding
§ 64.2-1316
Settlement of fiduciary's accounts by commissioner in chancery; report to commissioner of accounts
§ 64.2-1317
Disposition of papers relating to estates