Code of Virginia

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Chapter 26.
Uniform Disclaimer of Property Interests Act
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§ 64.2-2600
§ 64.2-2601
§ 64.2-2602
Chapter supplemented by other law
§ 64.2-2603
Power to disclaim; general requirements; when irrevocable
§ 64.2-2604
Disclaimer of interest in property
§ 64.2-2605
Disclaimer of rights of survivorship in jointly held property
§ 64.2-2606
Disclaimer of interest by trustee
§ 64.2-2607
Disclaimer of power of appointment or other power not held in a fiduciary capacity
§ 64.2-2608
Disclaimer by appointee, object, or taker in default of exercise of power of appointment
§ 64.2-2609
Disclaimer of power held in fiduciary capacity
§ 64.2-2610
Delivery or filing
§ 64.2-2611
When disclaimer barred or limited
§ 64.2-2612
Tax qualified disclaimer
§ 64.2-2613
Recording of disclaimer
§ 64.2-2614
Application to existing relationships