Code of Virginia

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Chapter 27.
Uniform Powers of Appointment Act
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  • Article 3.
    Exercise of Power of Appointment
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  • § 64.2-2713
    Requisites for exercise of power of appointment
    § 64.2-2714
    Intent to exercise; determining intent from residuary clause
    § 64.2-2715
    Intent to exercise; after-acquired power
    § 64.2-2716
    Substantial compliance with donor-imposed formal requirement
    § 64.2-2717
    Permissible appointment
    § 64.2-2718
    Appointment to deceased appointee
    § 64.2-2719
    Impermissible appointment
    § 64.2-2720
    Selective allocation doctrine
    § 64.2-2721
    Capture doctrine; disposition of ineffectively appointed property under general power
    § 64.2-2722
    Disposition of unappointed property under released or unexercised general power
    § 64.2-2723
    Disposition of unappointed property under released or unexercised nongeneral power
    § 64.2-2724
    Disposition of unappointed property if partial appointment to taker in default
    § 64.2-2725
    Appointment to taker in default
    § 64.2-2726
    Powerholder's authority to revoke or amend exercise
  • Article 6.
    Miscellaneous Provisions
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  • § 64.2-2739
    Uniformity of application and construction
    § 64.2-2740
    Relation to Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act
    § 64.2-2741
    Application to existing relationships