Code of Virginia

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Chapter 2.
Care of Children Committed to Department
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§ 66-13
Authority of Department as to juveniles committed to it; establishment of facilities; arrangements for temporary care
§ 66-13.1
Division of Education; employment of Superintendent; powers and duties
§ 66-14
Allowance for maintenance of children placed by Commonwealth in private homes, etc.
§ 66-15
Schedules of per diem cost of maintenance in detention homes; reimbursements of cities and counties
§ 66-16
Acceptance and expenditure of certain funds for children committed to Department
§ 66-17
Disposition of property left by child
§ 66-18
Examination and placing of such children
§ 66-19
Behavioral services unit; director and personnel; examination of children
§ 66-20
Observation and treatment of children with mental illness or developmental disabilities
§ 66-21
Superintendents and agents of facilities to have powers of sheriff
§ 66-22
Daily and additional allowance to children
§ 66-22.1
Establishment of stores in juvenile correctional facilities
§ 66-23
Authority of superintendents with regard to application for operator's licenses and employment certificates
§ 66-24
Community group homes and other residential facilities for certain juveniles; licensure; personnel; summary suspension under certain circumstances; penalty
§ 66-25
Collection of information concerning religious preferences by correctional facilities
§ 66-25.1
Work programs
§ 66-25.1:1
Juvenile academic and career training
§ 66-25.1:2
Career training and technical education programs
§ 66-25.1:3
Extending limits of confinement of state wards for work and educational programs; disposition of wages; penalties for violations
§ 66-25.1:4
Work release furlough
§ 66-25.2
Notice to be given prior to release of serious offenders
§ 66-25.2:1
Director; notice to school superintendent prior to release of certain offenders