Code of Virginia

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Chapter 1.
Department and State Board of Juvenile Justice
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§ 66-1
Creation of Department of Juvenile Justice
§ 66-2
Supervision of the Department
§ 66-3
Powers of the Director
§ 66-3.1
§ 66-3.2
Additional duties of the Director
§ 66-4
State Board of Juvenile Justice
§ 66-5
Term of office of members; suspension or removal
§ 66-6
Chairman, vice-chairman and secretary
§ 66-7
Compensation and expenses
§ 66-8
§ 66-9
§ 66-10
Powers and duties of Board
§ 66-10.01
Certified mail; subsequent mail or notices may be sent by regular mail
§ 66-10.1
Board to establish regulations regarding human research
§ 66-10.2
Board to establish regulations regarding youth detained in juvenile correctional facilities pursuant to contracts with the federal government
§ 66-10.3
Guidelines and policies and procedures for sharing information derived from juvenile records
§ 66-11
§ 66-12