Code of Virginia

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Chapter 2.
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  • Article 1.
    General Provisions
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  • § 8.01-5
    Effect of nonjoinder or misjoinder; limitation on joinder of insurance company
    § 8.01-6
    Amending pleading; relation back to original pleading
    § 8.01-6.1
    Amendment of pleading changing or adding a claim or defense; relation back
    § 8.01-6.2
    Amendment of pleading; relation back to original pleading; confusion in trade name
    § 8.01-6.3
    Actions or suits against fiduciaries; style of the case; amendment of pleading
    § 8.01-7
    When court may add new parties to suit
  • Article 2.
    Special Provisions
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  • § 8.01-8
    How minors may sue
    § 8.01-9
    Guardian ad litem for persons under disability; when guardian ad litem need not be appointed for person under disability
    § 8.01-10
    Joinder of tenants in common
    § 8.01-11
    Proceedings on writing binding deceased person
    § 8.01-12
    Suit by beneficial owner when legal title in another
    § 8.01-13
    Assignee or beneficial owner may sue in own name; certain discounts allowed
    § 8.01-14
    Suit against assignor
    § 8.01-15
    Suits by and against unincorporated associations or orders
    § 8.01-15.1
    Anonymous plaintiff; motion for identification; factors to be considered by court
    § 8.01-15.2
    Servicemembers Civil Relief Act; default judgment; appointment of counsel
  • Article 3.
    Death or Change of Parties
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  • § 8.01-16
    New parties may have continuance
    § 8.01-17
    When party whose powers cease is defendant
    § 8.01-18
    When suit discontinued unless revived
    § 8.01-19
    Effect of marriage or change of name of party
    § 8.01-20
    Effect of marriage, change of name or death on appeal
    § 8.01-20.1
    Certification of expert witness opinion at time of service of process
    § 8.01-21
    Judgment when death or disability occurs after verdict but before judgment
    § 8.01-22
    When death or disability occurs as to any of several plaintiffs or defendants
    § 8.01-23
    Decree in suit when number of parties exceeds 30 and one of them dies
  • Article 4.
    Writ of Scire Facias Abolished
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  • § 8.01-24
    Writ of scire facias abolished; substitutes therefor