Code of Virginia

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Part 7.
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§ 8.2-701
Remedies for breach of collateral contracts not impaired
§ 8.2-702
Seller's remedies on discovery of buyer's insolvency
§ 8.2-703
Seller's remedies in general
§ 8.2-704
Seller's right to identify goods to the contract notwithstanding breach or to salvage unfinished goods
§ 8.2-705
Seller's stoppage of delivery in transit or otherwise
§ 8.2-706
Seller's resale including contract for resale
§ 8.2-707
"Person in the position of a seller."
§ 8.2-708
Seller's damages for nonacceptance or repudiation
§ 8.2-709
Action for the price
§ 8.2-710
Seller's incidental damages
§ 8.2-711
Buyer's remedies in general; buyer's security interest in rejected goods
§ 8.2-712
"Cover"; buyer's procurement of substitute goods
§ 8.2-713
Buyer's damages for nondelivery or repudiation
§ 8.2-714
Buyer's damages for breach in regard to accepted goods
§ 8.2-715
Buyer's incidental and consequential damages
§ 8.2-716
Buyer's right to specific performance or detinue
§ 8.2-717
Deduction of damages from the price
§ 8.2-718
Liquidation or limitation of damages; deposits
§ 8.2-719
Contractual modification or limitation of remedy
§ 8.2-720
Effect of "cancellation" or "rescission" on claims for antecedent breach
§ 8.2-721
Remedies for fraud
§ 8.2-722
Who can sue third parties for injury to goods
§ 8.2-723
Proof of market price; time and place
§ 8.2-724
Admissibility of market quotations (subdivision (17) of Supreme Court Rule 2:803 derived from this section)
§ 8.2-725
Statute of limitations in contracts for sale