Code of Virginia

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Part 3.
Effect of Lease Contract
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§ 8.2A-301
Enforceability of lease contract
§ 8.2A-302
Title to and possession of goods
§ 8.2A-303
Alienability of party's interest under lease contract or of lessor's residual interest in goods; delegation of performance; transfer of rights
§ 8.2A-304
Subsequent lease of goods by lessor
§ 8.2A-305
Sale or sublease of goods by lessee
§ 8.2A-306
Priority of certain liens arising by operation of law
§ 8.2A-307
Priority of liens arising by attachment or levy on, security interests in, and other claims to goods
§ 8.2A-308
Special rights of creditors
§ 8.2A-309
Lessor's and lessee's rights when goods become fixtures
§ 8.2A-310
Lessor's and lessee's rights when goods become accessions
§ 8.2A-311
Priority subject to subordination