Code of Virginia

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Part 2.
Formation and Construction of Lease Contract
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§ 8.2A-201
Statute of Frauds
§ 8.2A-202
Final written expression: parol or extrinsic evidence
§ 8.2A-203
Seals inoperative
§ 8.2A-204
Formation in general
§ 8.2A-205
Firm offers
§ 8.2A-206
Offer and acceptance in formation of lease contract
§ 8.2A-207
§ 8.2A-208
Modification, rescission and waiver
§ 8.2A-209
Lessee under finance lease as beneficiary of supply contract
§ 8.2A-210
Express warranties
§ 8.2A-211
Warranties against interference and against infringement; lessee's obligation against infringement
§ 8.2A-212
Implied warranty of merchantability
§ 8.2A-213
Implied warranty of fitness for particular purpose
§ 8.2A-214
Exclusion or modification of warranties
§ 8.2A-215
Cumulation and conflict of warranties express or implied
§ 8.2A-216
Third-party beneficiaries of express and implied warranties
§ 8.2A-217
§ 8.2A-218
Insurance and proceeds
§ 8.2A-219
Risk of loss
§ 8.2A-220
Effect of default on risk of loss
§ 8.2A-221
Casualty to identified goods