Code of Virginia

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Code of Virginia
Title 8.9A. Commercial Code — Secured Transactions

Part 1.
Filing Office, Contents and Effectiveness of Financing Statement
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§ 8.9A-501
Filing office
§ 8.9A-502
Contents of financing statement; record of mortgage as financing statement; time of filing financing statement
§ 8.9A-503
Name of debtor and secured party
§ 8.9A-504
Indication of collateral
§ 8.9A-505
Filing and compliance with other statutes and treaties for consignments, leases, other bailments, and other transactions
§ 8.9A-506
Effect of errors or omissions
§ 8.9A-507
Effect of certain events on effectiveness of financing statement
§ 8.9A-508
Effectiveness of financing statement if new debtor becomes bound by security agreement
§ 8.9A-509
(Effective until July 1, 2025) Persons entitled to file a record
§ 8.9A-509
(Effective July 1, 2025) Persons entitled to file a record
§ 8.9A-510
Effectiveness of filed record
§ 8.9A-511
Secured party of record
§ 8.9A-512
Amendment of financing statement
§ 8.9A-513
(Effective until July 1, 2025) Termination statement
§ 8.9A-513
(Effective July 1, 2025) Termination statement
§ 8.9A-514
Assignment of powers of secured party of record
§ 8.9A-515
Duration and effectiveness of financing statement; effect of lapsed financing statement
§ 8.9A-516
What constitutes filing; effectiveness of filing
§ 8.9A-517
Effect of indexing errors
§ 8.9A-518
Claim concerning inaccurate or wrongfully filed record