Code of Virginia

Code of Virginia
Title 10.1. Conservation

Article 7. Transportation of Hazardous Materials.

§ 10.1-1450. Waste Management Board to promulgate regulations regarding hazardous materials.

The Board shall promulgate regulations designating the manner and method by which hazardous materials shall be loaded, unloaded, packed, identified, marked, placarded, stored and transported. Such regulations shall be no more restrictive than any applicable federal laws or regulations.

1986, c. 492, § 10-305; 1988, c. 891; 1992, c. 208; 1997, c. 260.

§ 10.1-1451. Enforcement of article and regulations.

The Department of State Police and all other law-enforcement officers of the Commonwealth who have satisfactorily completed the course in Hazardous Materials Compliance and Enforcement as prescribed by the U.S. Department of Transportation, Research and Special Programs Administration, Office of Hazardous Materials Transportation, in federal safety regulations and safety inspection procedures pertaining to the transportation of hazardous materials, shall enforce the provisions of this article, and any rule or regulation promulgated hereunder. Those law-enforcement officers certified to enforce the provisions of this article and any regulation promulgated hereunder, shall annually receive in-service training in current federal safety regulations and safety inspection procedures pertaining to the transportation of hazardous materials.

1986, c. 492, § 10-306; 1988, cc. 14, 891.

§ 10.1-1452. Article not to preclude exercise of certain regulatory powers.

The provisions of this article shall not preclude the exercise of the statutory and regulatory powers of any agency, department or political subdivision of the Commonwealth having statutory authority to regulate hazardous materials on specified highways or portions thereof.

1986, c. 492, § 10-307; 1988, c. 891.

§ 10.1-1453. Exceptions.

This article shall not apply to regular military or naval forces of the United States, the duly authorized militia of any state or territory thereof, police or fire departments, or sheriff's offices and regional jails of this Commonwealth, provided the same are acting within their official capacity and in the performance of their duties, or to the transportation of hazardous radioactive materials in accordance with § 44-146.30.

1986, c. 492, § 10-308; 1988, c. 891; 1995, c. 112.

§ 10.1-1454. Transportation under United States regulations.

Any person transporting hazardous materials in accordance with regulations promulgated under the laws of the United States, shall be deemed to have complied with the provisions of this article, except when such transportation is excluded from regulation under the laws or regulations of the United States.

1986, c. 492, § 10-309; 1988, c. 891.

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