Code of Virginia

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Code of Virginia
Title 10.1. Conservation
Subtitle I. Activities Administered by the Department of Conservation and Recreation
Chapter 4.1. Historic Lower James River

Chapter 4.1. Historic Lower James River.

§ 10.1-419. Declared a state historic river; planning for use and development.

A. In keeping with the public policy of the Commonwealth of Virginia to conserve the portions of certain rivers possessing superior natural beauty, thereby assuring their use and enjoyment for their historic, scenic, recreational, geologic, fish and wildlife, cultural and other values, that portion of the Lower James River in Charles City, James City and Surry Counties, from an unnamed tributary to the James River approximately 1.2 miles east of Trees Point in Charles City County (northside) and Upper Chippokes Creek (southside) to Grices Run (northside) and Lawnes Creek (southside), is hereby declared to be an historic river with noteworthy scenic and ecological qualities.

B. In all planning for the use and development of water and related land resources which changes the character of a stream or waterway or destroys its historic, scenic or ecological values, full consideration and evaluation of the river as an historic, scenic and ecological resource should be given before such work is undertaken. Alternative solutions should also be considered before such work is undertaken.

C. The General Assembly hereby designates the Department of Conservation and Recreation as the agency of the Commonwealth responsible for assuring that the purposes of this chapter are achieved. Nothing in this designation shall impair the powers and duties of the local jurisdictions listed above or the Virginia Department of Transportation.

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