Code of Virginia

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Code of Virginia
Title 15.2. Counties, Cities and Towns
Chapter 13. Joint Actions by Localities

Article 2. Local Government Associations.

§ 15.2-1303. Associations to promote welfare of political subdivisions.

The governing bodies of two or more of the political subdivisions of the Commonwealth may, in their discretion, and in addition to powers prescribed in § 15.2-940, form and maintain associations for the purpose of promoting, through investigation, discussion and cooperative effort, the interest and welfare of the several political subdivisions of the Commonwealth, and to promote a closer relation between the several political subdivisions of the Commonwealth. Any such association so formed shall be an instrumentality of the political subdivisions which are members thereof.

The provisions of this section shall be applicable to any such associations created prior to and in existence on June 29, 1956.

Code 1950, § 15-13.1; 1956, c. 246; 1962, c. 623, § 15.1-20; 1997, c. 587.

§ 15.2-1304. Appropriating funds or supplying goods and services to certain regional organizations.

A. The governing body of any locality which is a member, or hereafter becomes a member, of any organization or association including an organization or association having members outside of the Commonwealth which has as its principal objective one or more of the purposes set forth in subsection B hereof, is authorized to appropriate funds to such organization or to provide goods and services to such organization, all for the purpose of advancing the welfare and economic interests of such locality and the citizens thereof.

B. Funds may be appropriated or goods and services may be provided, only to an organization which has as its objective one or more of the following purposes: identification of problems hindering the growth, development and economic functioning of the region in which such locality is located; development of comprehensive plans for the growth and development of the region as a whole and the promotion of interjurisdictional cooperation; development of appropriate policies and cooperative mechanisms among the participating localities for improving the administration of public services; development of concerted action among participating localities for the benefit thereof and for the benefit of the region as a whole; defense and strengthening of local government; and taking of such other action in connection with the foregoing as will advance the best interests of the entire region and of the participating localities; however, all funds for the development of plans or planning in Virginia shall be expended through commissions created under Article 2 (§ 15.2-2210 et seq.) of Chapter 22 of Title 15.2, and other related or existing agencies authorized by the Commonwealth, to the extent that such commissions or other agencies are authorized by law to develop such plans or planning. Provided further, that no locality shall appropriate funds, unless specifically authorized by the General Assembly, to any organization or association having members outside of the Commonwealth (i) when such association or organization possesses the power of taxation or the right of condemnation and (ii) unless the locality has the right to withdraw from such association or organization at any time.

1964, c. 30, § 15.1-20.1; 1997, c. 587.

§ 15.2-1305. Review of appropriations to certain agencies; providing goods and services to such agencies in lieu of funds.

The governing body of any locality may from time to time require of any board, commission or authority, hereinafter referred to as recipient agency, to which it has power to appropriate public funds and has appropriated such funds in the past or has received a request for appropriations, such information books and records of the recipient agency as the governing body deems necessary in order that it may be assured that an appropriation or proposed appropriation will not result in the dissipation of public funds and in order that it may determine the use of past and the proposed use of future appropriations, the method of management, control and organization of the recipient agency and its present and proposed programs. If the governing body determines that a particular administrative function or activity of the recipient organization duplicates the services provided by the governing body and that public funds may be conserved by combining, consolidating or coordinating the activities of the recipient agency with those of the locality, it may, in lieu of an appropriation of funds for that function or activity, provide the recipient agency with the necessary goods and services. The governing body may assign officers and employees to coordinate the functions and activities of the governing body and those of the various recipient agencies.

1968, c. 554, § 15.1-20.2; 1997, c. 587.