Code of Virginia

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Code of Virginia
Title 15.2. Counties, Cities and Towns
Chapter 16. Local Constitutional Officers, Courthouses and Supplies

Article 5. Clerks of Circuit Courts.

§ 15.2-1634. Clerks of circuit courts.

The voters in every county and in each city which has a circuit court, shall elect for a term of eight years, a clerk of such court unless otherwise provided by general law or special act. He shall be clerk of the circuit court and may also be the clerk of the governing body if the governing body so designates. He shall exercise all the powers conferred and perform all the duties imposed upon such officers by general law and may perform such other duties, not inconsistent with his office, as may be requested of him by the governing body.

1997, c. 587.

§ 15.2-1635. Appointment of deputy when clerk of circuit court unable to perform duties.

Whenever it is found by the judge of a circuit court that a clerk of such court is, by reason of mental or physical disability, temporarily unable to perform his duties, the judge of the court may, by order entered of record, designate some other person as deputy clerk to perform the duties of such clerk. The person so designated may be the clerk or deputy clerk of another county or city or any other qualified person, and in the event that he is from another county or city, the provisions of §§ 15.2-1525 and 15.2-1534 shall not apply.

The person so designated shall thereby become a deputy of the regular clerk and shall be vested with all the authority of a regular clerk and may perform all acts which are required by law to be performed by such clerk with the same effect as if performed by the clerk for whom he serves as deputy, and shall before entering upon his duties take the oath prescribed in § 49-1, and furnish bond in the same amount as is required of the clerk.

The person so designated shall serve at the pleasure of the court during the disability of the clerk and within the limits of the unexpired term of the clerk.

No compensation out of the state or local treasury shall be paid such person designated under this section for his services while acting in such capacity but any expense incurred shall be paid by the county or city in which such service is performed upon the order of the judge of such court.

Code 1950, § 15-485.1; 1952, c. 187; 1962, c. 623, § 15.1-49; 1993, cc. 621, 781; 1997, c. 587.

§ 15.2-1635.1. Maximum total compensation for clerk of the court in certain counties.

In Arlington, Fairfax, Fauquier, Loudoun, and Rappahannock Counties, wherein the clerk of the circuit court serves also as the clerk of the general district court and juvenile and domestic relations district court under the provisions of § 16.1-69.38, such clerk may be paid a sum not to exceed $5,000, by local supplement, for each of the two district courts served.

1998, c. 872.