Code of Virginia

Code of Virginia
Title 20. Domestic Relations

Article 2. Extended Personal Jurisdiction.

§ 20-88.35. Bases for jurisdiction over nonresident.

In a proceeding to establish or enforce a support order or to determine parentage of a child, a tribunal of the Commonwealth may exercise personal jurisdiction over a nonresident individual or the individual's guardian or conservator if:

1. The individual is personally served with process within the Commonwealth;

2. The individual submits to the jurisdiction of the Commonwealth by consent, by entering a general appearance, or by filing a responsive document having the effect of waiving any contest to personal jurisdiction;

3. The individual resided with the child in the Commonwealth;

4. The individual resided in the Commonwealth and paid prenatal expenses or provided support for the child;

5. The child resides in the Commonwealth as a result of the acts or directives of the individual;

6. The individual engaged in sexual intercourse in the Commonwealth and the child may have been conceived by the act of intercourse;

7. The individual asserted parentage of a child in the Virginia Birth Father Registry maintained in the Commonwealth by the Department of Social Services;

8. The exercise of personal jurisdiction is authorized under subdivision A 8 of § 8.01-328.1; or

9. There is any other basis consistent with the constitutions of the Commonwealth and the United States for the exercise of personal jurisdiction.

The bases of personal jurisdiction set forth in this section or any other law of the Commonwealth may not be used to acquire personal jurisdiction for a tribunal of the Commonwealth to modify a child support order issued by a tribunal of another state unless the requirements of § 20-88.76 or 20-88.77:3 are met.

1994, c. 673; 2005, c. 754; 2015, c. 727; 2017, c. 200.

§ 20-88.36. Duration of personal jurisdiction.

Personal jurisdiction acquired by a tribunal of the Commonwealth in a proceeding under this chapter or other law of the Commonwealth relating to a support order continues as long as a tribunal of the Commonwealth has continuing, exclusive jurisdiction to modify its order or continuing jurisdiction to enforce its order as provided by §§ 20-88.39, 20-88.40 and 20-88.43:2.

1994, c. 673; 1995, c. 484; 2005, c. 754.

The chapters of the acts of assembly referenced in the historical citation at the end of these sections may not constitute a comprehensive list of such chapters and may exclude chapters whose provisions have expired.

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