Code of Virginia

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Chapter 5.3.
Uniform Interstate Family Support Act
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  • Article 3.
    Jurisdiction in Proceedings Involving Two or More States
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  • § 20-88.37
    Initiating and responding tribunal of the Commonwealth
    § 20-88.38
    Simultaneous proceedings in another state
    § 20-88.39
    Continuing, exclusive jurisdiction to modify child support order
    § 20-88.40
    Continuing jurisdiction to enforce child support order
  • Article 4.
    Reconciliation of Two or More Orders
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  • § 20-88.41
    Determination of controlling child support order
    § 20-88.42
    Child support orders for two or more obligees
    § 20-88.43
    Credit for payments
    § 20-88.43:1
    Application to nonresident subject to personal jurisdiction
    § 20-88.43:2
    Continuing, exclusive jurisdiction to modify spousal support order
  • Article 6.
    Establishment of Support Order or Determination of Parentage
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  • § 20-88.63
    Establishment of support order
    § 20-88.63:1
    Proceeding to determine parentage
  • Article 8.
    Enforcement and Modification of Support Order After Registration
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  • § 20-88.66
    Registration of order for enforcement
    § 20-88.67
    Procedure to register order for enforcement
    § 20-88.68
    Effect of registration for enforcement
    § 20-88.69
    Choice of law; statute of limitations
    § 20-88.70
    Notice of registration of order; contest of validity or enforcement
    § 20-88.71
    Procedure to contest validity or enforcement of registered support order
    § 20-88.72
    Contest of registration or enforcement
    § 20-88.73
    Confirmed order
  • Article 9.
    Registration and Modification of Child Support Order
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  • § 20-88.74
    Procedure to register child support order of another state for modification
    § 20-88.75
    Effect of registration for modification
    § 20-88.76
    Modification of child support order of another state
    § 20-88.77
    Recognition of order modified in another state
    § 20-88.77:1
    Jurisdiction to modify support order of another state when individual parties reside in this Commonwealth
    § 20-88.77:2
    Notice to issuing tribunal of modification
    § 20-88.77:3
    Jurisdiction to modify child support order of foreign country
    § 20-88.77:4
    Procedure to register child support order of foreign country for modification