Code of Virginia

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Code of Virginia
Title 22.1. Education
Chapter 14.1. Early Childhood Care and Education

Article 7. Regulations and Interdepartmental Cooperation.

§ 22.1-289.046. Regulations for child day programs and family day systems.

A. The Board shall adopt regulations for the activities, services, and facilities to be employed by persons and agencies required to be licensed under this chapter, which shall be designed to ensure that such activities, services, and facilities are conducive to the welfare of the children under the control of such persons or agencies.

Such regulations shall be developed in consultation with representatives of the affected entities and shall include matters relating to the sex, age, and number of children and other persons to be maintained or cared for, as the case may be, and to the buildings and premises to be used, and reasonable standards for the activities, services and facilities to be employed. Such limitations and standards shall be specified in each license and renewal thereof. Such regulations shall not require the adoption of a specific teaching approach or doctrine or require the membership, affiliation, or accreditation services of any single private accreditation or certification agency.

Such regulations governing child day programs providing care for school-age children at a location that is currently approved by the Department or recognized as a private school by the Board for school occupancy and that houses a public or private school during the school year shall not (i) prohibit school-age children from using outdoor play equipment and areas approved for use by students of the school during school hours or (ii) in the case of public schools, require inspection or approval of the building, vehicles used to transport children attending the child day program that are owned by the school, or meals served to such children that are prepared by the school.

Such regulations governing orientation and training of child day program staff shall provide that parents or other persons who participate in a cooperative preschool center on behalf of a child attending such cooperative preschool center, including such parents and persons who are counted for the purpose of determining staff-to-child ratios, shall be exempt from orientation and training requirements applicable to staff of child day programs; however, such regulations may require such parents and persons to complete up to four hours of training per year. This orientation and training exemption shall not apply to any parent or other person who participates in a cooperative preschool center that has entered into a contract to provide child care services funded by the Child Care and Development Block Grant.

B. The Board shall adopt or amend regulations, policies, and procedures related to child day care in collaboration with the Virginia Recreation and Park Society. No regulation adopted by the Board shall prohibit a child day center from hiring an armed security officer, licensed pursuant to Article 4 (§ 9.1-138 et seq.) of Chapter 1 of Title 9.1, to provide protection for children placed in the care of the child day center or employees of the center. The Board shall adopt or amend regulations related to therapeutic recreation programs in collaboration with the Virginia Park and Recreation Society and the Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services.

2020, cc. 860, 861.

§ 22.1-289.047. Interagency agreements; cooperation of Department with other departments.

The Department is authorized to enter into interagency agreements with other state agencies to develop and implement regulations adopted pursuant to this chapter. Any state agency identified by the Department as appropriate to include in an interagency agreement shall participate in the development and implementation of the agreement. The Department shall assist and cooperate with other state departments in fulfilling their respective inspection responsibilities and in coordinating the regulations involving inspections. The Board may adopt regulations allowing the Department to so assist and cooperate with other state departments.

2020, cc. 860, 861.

§ 22.1-289.048. Program leaders and child-care supervisors at licensed child day centers; approved credential.

Program leaders and child-care supervisors employed by child day centers may possess an approved credential. For purposes of this section:

"Approved credential" means a competency-based credential awarded to individuals who work with children ages five and under in either a teaching, supervisory, or administrative capacity and that is specifically awarded or administered by the National Association for the Education of Young Children; the National Academy of Early Childhood Programs; the Association of Christian Schools International; the American Association of Christian Schools; the National Early Childhood Program Accreditation; the National Accreditation Council for Early Childhood Professional Personnel and Programs; the International Academy for Private Education; the American Montessori Society; the International Accreditation and Certification of Childhood Educators, Programs, and Trainers; the National Accreditation Commission; the Virginia Community College System, or another institution of higher education; or its equivalent as determined by the Department.

"Program leader" or "child-care supervisor" means an individual designated to be responsible for the direct supervision of children and for the implementation of the activities and services for a group of children in a licensed child day center.

2020, cc. 860, 861.