Code of Virginia

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Chapter 14.1.
Early Childhood Care and Education
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  • Article 2.
    Virginia Preschool Initiative
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  • § 22.1-289.09
    Programs designed to promote educational opportunities
  • Article 3.
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  • § 22.1-289.010
    Application fees; regulations and schedules; use of fees; certain facilities, centers and agencies exempt
    § 22.1-289.011
    Licenses required; issuance, expiration, and renewal; maximum number of participants or children; posting of licenses
    § 22.1-289.012
    Local government to report business licenses issued to child day centers and family day homes
    § 22.1-289.013
    Investigation on receipt of application
    § 22.1-289.014
    § 22.1-289.015
    Voluntary registration of family day homes; inspections; investigation upon receipt of complaint; revocation or suspension of registration
    § 22.1-289.016
    Unlicensed and unregistered family day homes; notice to parents
    § 22.1-289.017
    Compliance with Uniform Statewide Building Code
    § 22.1-289.018
    Inspections and interviews
    § 22.1-289.019
    Inspections of child day programs and family day systems; prioritization
    § 22.1-289.020
    Issuance or refusal of license; notification; provisional and conditional licenses
    § 22.1-289.021
    Records and reports
    § 22.1-289.022
    Enforcement and sanctions; child day programs and family day systems; revocation and denial
    § 22.1-289.023
    Enforcement and sanctions; special orders; civil penalties
    § 22.1-289.024
    (Effective January 1 2022) Appeal from refusal, denial of renewal, or revocation of license
    § 22.1-289.025
    Right to appeal notice of intent; child day programs and family day systems operated by agencies of the Commonwealth
    § 22.1-289.026
    Injunction against operation without license
    § 22.1-289.027
    Offenses; penalty
    § 22.1-289.028
    Misleading advertising prohibited
    § 22.1-289.029
    Duty of attorneys for the Commonwealth
  • Article 4.
    Unlicensed Programs
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  • § 22.1-289.030
    Exemptions from licensure
    § 22.1-289.031
    Child day center operated by religious institution exempt from licensure; annual statement and documentary evidence required; enforcement; injunctive relief
    § 22.1-289.032
    Certification of preschool or nursery school programs operated by accredited private schools; provisional certification; annual statement and documentary evidence required; enforcement; injunctive relief
    § 22.1-289.033
    Inspection of unlicensed child care operations; inspection warrant
  • Article 5.
    Background Checks
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  • § 22.1-289.034
    Barrier crime; construction
    § 22.1-289.035
    Licensed child day centers, family day homes, and family day systems; employment for compensation or use as volunteers of persons convicted of or found to have committed certain offenses prohibited; national background check required; penalty
    § 22.1-289.036
    Background check upon application for licensure, registration, or approval as child day center, family day home, or family day system; penalty
    § 22.1-289.037
    Revocation or denial of renewal based on background checks; failure to obtain background check
    § 22.1-289.038
    Child day programs and family day systems; criminal conviction and waiver
    § 22.1-289.039
    Records check by unlicensed child day center; penalty
    § 22.1-289.040
    Child day centers and family day homes receiving federal, state, or local child care funds; eligibility requirements
    § 22.1-289.041
    Sex offender or child abuser prohibited from operating or residing in family day home; penalty
  • Article 7.
    Regulations and Interdepartmental Cooperation
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  • § 22.1-289.046
    Regulations for child day programs and family day systems
    § 22.1-289.047
    Interagency agreements; cooperation of Department with other departments
    § 22.1-289.048
    Program leaders and child-care supervisors at licensed child day centers; approved credential
  • Article 8.
    Facilities and Programs
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  • § 22.1-289.049
    Regulated child day programs to require proof of child identity and age; report to law-enforcement agencies
    § 22.1-289.050
    Insurance notice requirements for family day homes; civil penalty
    § 22.1-289.051
    Dual licenses for certain child day centers
    § 22.1-289.052
    Asbestos inspection required for child day centers
    § 22.1-289.053
    Delay in acting on application or in notification
    § 22.1-289.054
    Visitation by parents or guardians in child day programs
    § 22.1-289.055
    Public funds to be withheld for serious or persistent violations
    § 22.1-289.055:1
    Programs offered at certain residential private school
    § 22.1-289.056
    Storage of firearms in certain family day homes
    § 22.1-289.057
    Child day programs and certain other programs; potable water; lead testing
    § 22.1-289.058
    Child day programs and certain other programs; carbon monoxide detectors
    § 22.1-289.059
    Possession and administration of an appropriate weight-based dosage of epinephrine by employees