Code of Virginia

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Code of Virginia
Title 22.1. Education
Chapter 5. School Boards; Selection, Qualification and Salaries of Members

Article 4.1. Popular Election of School Board in Counties with County Manager Plan of Government.

§ 22.1-47.1. Applicability.

The provisions of Article 7 (§ 22.1-57.1 et seq.) of this chapter shall be applicable, except as otherwise specifically provided in this article, to any school division comprised of a county having the county manager plan of government.

1993, c. 88.

§ 22.1-47.2. Petitions for a referendum on direct election of school board members.

Petitions circulated pursuant to § 22.1-57.2 or 22.1-57.4 may be circulated for a period not to exceed one calendar year. If the period from the date of the earliest signature to the latest signature exceeds one calendar year, all signatures shall be invalid.

At the time the petitions are filed, the petitions shall contain the required number of signatures of voters who are currently registered to vote in the county.

Persons signing petitions for a referendum to be held at the November general election shall date their signatures on the petitions.

1993, c. 88; 2022, c. 355.

§ 22.1-47.3. Transition from appointed to elected school board.

If the change to an elected school board is approved by the voters, the appointed members of the school board in office at the time of the referendum approving the change shall continue in office for the balance of their appointed terms except that each term shall expire on the December 31 immediately succeeding the June 30 expiration date for the appointed term. In the event of a vacancy in an unexpired term of any appointed school board member, a replacement shall be elected at the next regularly scheduled general election to fill the remainder of the term. No special election shall be held, however, if the general election at which it is to be held is scheduled in the year in which the term expires.

At the first and each succeeding November election, one school board member shall be elected for each position on the school board occupied by an appointed member whose term expires the following December 31 until the school board is composed entirely of elected members. Successor school board members shall be elected each November for four-year terms commencing on January 1 of the year following the election. The requirement of subsection B of § 22.1-57.3 that the same number of members of the governing body and school board be elected at each November election shall not be applicable.

1993, c. 88; 1996, c. 185.

§ 22.1-47.4. Benefits, expenses, and reimbursements for the school board members of certain county.

An elected school board of a school division comprised of a county having the county manager plan of government may, in accordance with the procedures applicable to the setting of its salary, grant itself fringe benefits, expenses, and reimbursements, or any of them, as it deems appropriate, and in the manner and form as such fringe benefits, expenses, and reimbursements are provided for school board employees. Such school board serving a county having the county manager plan of government whose membership totals five may establish such fringe benefits, expenses, and reimbursements by July 1 in any year in which two of the five members are to be elected. Any such fringe benefits, expenses, and reimbursements shall become effective on January 1 of the following year.

2004, c. 532; 2006, c. 126.